All Kits With 20cm Angled Tip Tweezers (Jet Black) Are Now Back In Stock. Thanks For Your Patience!

All Kits With 20cm Angled Tip Tweezers (Jet Black) Are Now Back In Stock. Thanks For Your Patience!

Chef's Tweezers Kit #6 in Metallic Blue

Please note that this product currently has a lead time of 1 week. (This only applies to products with a 20cm offset tweezers in metallic blue -apologies for any inconvenience caused. All other products ship same day).

It’s all about control. And style.

Manufactured and finished to the highest standards, our tweezers are indispensable when fat fingers just won’t do.  The pincer tension is perfect and the serrated edge grips super reliably. They look great and feel great in the hand. Like all our tools they are built to last forever.

THE 14CM / 5.51” ANGLED TIP TWEEZERS are perfect for plating where ultimate control and attention to detail are required. The angled tip and smaller size gives great control and lets you work with supreme accuracy. Depending on the situation, they can be held tip-down or tip-out to maximise control. Perfect for working with edible flowers and other delicate garnish.

THE 20CM / 7.87" OFFSET TWEEZERS are Perfect for plating, assembling, tasting and 101 other things we haven’t even thought of. People keep on telling us about their own novel uses for them - handling micro herbs, taking toast from the toaster (???), chocolate garnish on desserts, testing spaghetti, etc, etc…

THE 30CM / 11.81" STRAIGHT TWEEZERS are great for cooking smaller or more delicate items such as prawns, scallops and small fillets when a regular tongs is too cumbersome, as well as so many other things around the kitchen. Chefs have so many of their own novel uses for them - elegantly swirling pasta on a plate, retrieving things from under a hot gas stove grate etc, etc…that they are indispensable in any busy kitchen

Top chefs have these within easy reach at all times. Use ‘em and you’ll quickly see why.


  • Handwash recommended.


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