High Precision Offset Chef's Tweezers in Stainless Steel/Silver (20cm/7.87")

It’s all about control. And style.

Manufactured and finished to the highest standards, these guys are indispensable when fat fingers just won’t do. The pincer tension ain't too loose or too stiff - it’s just right. And the grip is as tight as you want it.

Perfect for plating, assembling, tasting and 101 other things we haven’t even thought of. People keep on telling us about their own novel uses for them - handling micro herbs, taking toast from the toaster (???), chocolate garnish on desserts, testing spaghetti, boning fish, etc, etc…

Top chefs have these within easy reach at all times. Use ‘em and you’ll quickly see why.

Packaged in a slick black sleeve, these tweezers make a great gift for a special chef in your life! Or just keep them for yourself.


Care Instructions:

- Handwash recommended.

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