What’s in a name?

Every chef in the world, regardless of language or nationality, knows the phrase Oui Chef! It is a universal response to the Head Chef that signifies respect. They give an order and it's Oui Chef! 

And that is what we say to you, the most creative, hardest-working chefs on the planet -  Oui Chef! You want the toughest, most precise kitchen tools available? Used by the best chefs in the world's best restaurants? Then you had better believe that our response to you is Oui Chef! because that is our promise to you.

Our Story

Welcome to Oui Chef, where you can source the highest quality chefs' tools for your professional kitchen kit. I’m Brian Lennon, founder of Oui Chef. With so many different online retail stores available at the click of a button, I want to tell you what makes Oui Chef stand out from the crowd and to give you an understanding of why we do what we do; what matters to us, and how we do what we do, to ensure you have an unparalleled experience with us every time.

I launched Oui Chef in early December 2017, resulting from my growing frustration and challenges when sourcing the specific cooking and plating kitchen tools that I was looking for myself. Sure, there were other kitchen tweezers out there but I wasn’t convinced about the quality, or care that went into their manufacture. Everything appeared to be anonymous with no credible customer service and quality assurance.

Before launching Oui Chef, I conducted extensive research of the global marketplace. I  looked long and hard, trying out plenty of products, which turned out to be inferior, made to generic designs and with lacklustre finishes. During this time, I discovered a family run and owned tool maker and manufacturer with an excellent track record and time honoured craftsmanship. This was matched with an unparalleled expertise and passion for every product they make. It was then, I realised that we had a common purpose that would allow us to bring the vision for Oui Chef precision kitchen tools to life. As soon as I held the samples in my hand I knew that our distinctive design specifications coupled with their manufacturing expertise would enable us to create a range of products that would stand apart from the rest, underpinned by the meticulous care and attention given to each and every product we create.

Like you, we demand excellence in everything we do. Your experience and satisfaction is paramount to us. We want you to be delighted with your Oui Chef kit, so we personally check every piece that we ship to ensure it is in perfect condition.

We continuously monitor our quality assurance procedures to ensure that every last piece of kit is finished to our exacting standards and specifications. Since day one, we have put a lot of time and energy into ensuring our coatings are the toughest on the market. You too will feel the difference when you hold a piece of Oui Chef kit in your hands - the pristine finish and the smooth precise action.

Kitchen tweezers and scissors are only the start of our journey at Oui Chef. We plan to slowly but surely grow the Oui Chef range by adding select high precision, high performance kit that top chefs are telling us they want and need; tools that are best-in-class. They will of course also be manufactured and finished to the highest standards, stand up to the pace and pressure of a busy, professional kitchen and above all be downright reliable and useful - helping Chefs like you, to be more efficient and keep creating beautiful plates, time after time.