Thank you for purchasing a pair of our high precision coloured chef’s tweezers. At OUI CHEF we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality kit for the best and hardest working chefs in the world.


All our tweezers are made from AISI 410 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and use best in class coatings. Obviously over prolonged periods in a busy kitchen, like any tools in any industry there may be some fading or natural wear & tear depending on how you use them. And after all, a bit of wear & tear is a sign of how hard you work in the kitchen - wear it as a badge of honour.

In the same way that all good knives need to be cared for, a little bit of TLC for your OUI CHEF coloured tweezers goes a long way towards ensuring they will look the part for many years to come.

[ Service ]

Wear your tweezers with pride hooked on your apron or in your sleeve of your whites - this will help prevent them getting scratched in your busy kitchen.

They will withstand high temperatures but immersing in boiling oil over prolonged periods and scraping them off the bottom of pans is not recommended.

[ Cleaning ]

Handwash is of course recommended - gently in warm soapy water using a soft cloth rather than an abrasive sponge, rinsing and drying carefully. Don’t let them see the inside of a dishwasher.

[ Storage ]

Give them their own sleeve in your knife roll. Definitely don’t fling them into a spoon bath or knife drawer. They will sit very comfortably on a magnetic knife rack.

We really hope you enjoy your OUI CHEF kit and that it serves you extremely well. Please get in touch with the OUI CHEF team [ ] or on WhatsApp via our website if you have any issues or require further information.