At Oui Chef we work very closely with many amazing brands and restaurants to produce premium quality bespoke pieces for their team, customers and promotional needs. No job is too big or too small (but to avail of wholesale prices we have a MOQ of 50 pieces).

This page is aimed generally towards restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, retailers, brand managers and marketing managers but even if you don’t fit this bill, read on - our Wholesale & Large Orders offering could still be right for you.

The majority of this work is personalised - your logo on one side, ours on the other. Custom engraving is included as part of the service. Many orders can be shipped in 1-2 business days while larger or more complicated orders can take 1-2 weeks to prepare depending on the quantity and/or level of customisation involved. Orders are shipped rapidly and reliably around the world with DHL (or DPD depending on your location).

Please get in touch with us directly with any enquiry you have - at the very least it is worth a conversation. You will find us helpful, competitive, efficient and accommodating. We go to great lengths to ensure each and every customer is 100% satisfied. The best way to contact us is via the WhatsApp icon below or you can also reach out via email

Here are a small selection of the clients we have worked with on various projects:

Restaurant / Hélène Darroze at The Connaught / UK

This Exquisite London restaurant is so impressed by our SuperSharp™ Scissors that head chef Marco Zampese has incorporated them into the final touches of a dish. The scissors are presented tableside to diners so that they can add the finishing flourishes to the dish themselves.

Restaurant / Aimsir / Ireland

During lockdown, head chef at Aimsir, Jordan Bailey launched the wildly successful Aimsir At Home meal kit boxes. Rather than simply cook and assemble a meal, Jordan wanted home chefs to learn a new skill each time - shucking an oyster, whisking a hollandaise or snipping and plating delicate herbs for example.

That’s where Oui Chef came in - we helped him design and source a custom range of tools. Each week the Aimsir At Home box contained a pair of 14cm SuperFine™ Angled Tip Tweezers as well as another tool specific to that box's new skill. 

This was a project that tested our logistical processes, design speed and manufacturing skills in equal measure. We had to work to very tight delivery deadlines whilst also navigating severe snowstorms at one point as well as the Coronavirus pandemic - but rest assured we always go to great lengths to make sure we deliver as promised. 

Restaurant / Under / Norway 


Head Chef at this stunning restaurant built into the side of a fjord and looking out into the icy cold Norwegian waters, Nicolai Ellitsgard values his team dearly. As part of their induction, each chef and stagière is presented with a welcome pack containing a pair of customised Oui Chef SuperFine™ tweezers. They are standard issue for the restaurant team and an integral part of plating the stunning food served in one of the world’s most unique restaurants.

Brand / Big Green Egg / Europe

We regularly provide world renowned Kamado Grill BBQ manufacturers Big Green Egg with cooking tweezers for retail, one-off events and as promotional gifts.

Retail / Various / Worldwide

Select kitchen and chefs' shops around the globe stock some of the Oui Chef range in their stores. We are able to offer a variety of different colours and styles depending on your requirements - some of which are not on our webstore so you can sell pieces that are unique to your store. And, of course, all pieces can be personalised with your logo.